Modern Infrastructure

Provide the new and modernize enterprise infrastructure such Converged, Hyper-Converged, Cloud platform, Flash storage, Software Defined solution including Networking.

Datacenter optimization

Design , implement and build the efficiency Datacenter to optimize space, power consumption and performance.

Modern Security solution

Consult and develop security policy to support end to end security both internal and external environment.

Modern Compute and Networking

New form factor of server, storage and compute which can be deliver the best ROI and lower TCO.


Maximize the investment with software define solution to utilize the current infrastructure environment.

Cloud Enterprise infrastructure

Develop modern infrastructure with seamless integration to the Cloud by focusing on Agility, Flexibility and Automated.

Enterprise software mgmt

End to end management suite from Devices , Mobile through Datacenter.

Enterprise Application

Provide the Enterprise application implemntation to help customer to transform such ERP, Workflow, Business Analytical and Mobile application.

CRM solution and implementation

Analyze the customer information and formatting to the efficiency dashboard by using on demand or run on premise.

Business process mgmt (BPM)

Develop the workflow framework and connected to the backend systems with seamlessly integration.

ERP solution and implementation

Completed business consultant framework from the design through implementation by both on demand services or run on premise.

Datamatic and Business Dashboard

Bring all data from different sources , develop Data Lake and Big data and creating efficiency Business Dashboard.

Digital Workplace and Collaboration

Integrate every solution with professional framework including consultant through implementation.

Mobile Application

Develop digital co-workplace by using collaboration tools to maximize productivity for every user.

Digital Technology

Integrate the Digital technology to improve the business model to get success in longer term with sustainability.

Internet of everything (IoT)

Integrate Smart devices and sensor through the IoT framework including data analytic engine

Interactive Kiosk

Develop Kiosk type and integrated with application and business solution.

Chat Bot

Develop Chat bot platform to integrated with backend systems and connect with different type of solution.


Design Blockchain framework and apply to business process with Enterprise framework methodology

Machine Learning

Integrated the platform with Machine learning for such analytical, management, alerting and intelligent feature.

Location base tracking

Enhance your WiFi infrastructure with additional location base services solution. The systems will navigate your customer with new experience.